Diseño de Ingeniería

Engineering Services



INDISA Mexico develops designs from Conceptual, Basic and Detail Engineering to whole Production Plants Desings with high precision and best quality.

We have extensive experience in the following markets: Food and Beverage, Consumer Products, Checmical, Pharmacist and Paper, Cement Mining and Car Industry.

In order to satisfy all the industry areas, we offer a wide spectrum of services, for example:

  • • Factibility Studies
  • • Develop of Math and Simulation Models
  • • Selection and Specification of Equipment
  • • Project Factibility Analysis
  • • Mechanical and Civil Design
  • • Dust Control and Industrial Vent Design
  • • Service Network Design
  • • Solid Waste Management
  • • Studies and Design of Air Emissions
  • • Civil, Mechanical, Enviromental and Process Solutions 
  • • Electric Sub Stations
  • • Low Power Networks 



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